Monday, May 30, 2011

A Long and Wonderful Weekend of "Relaxing"

The long weekend (and yes, even I am getting three days off-I don't have to go back to work until Wednesday) started Friday night at the Pussycat Vintage One Year Anniversary party and pop-up store. It was great to see my friend Nicole, and meet (although i have been following her blog posts for quite a while) her partner in vintage, Lindsay.  These ladies have a great eye! You can shop Pussycat Vintage here, and follow their blog here
Seeing so many friends i don't see nearly enough on Friday was definitely a great omen for the weekend!

Nicole and Lindsay had everything at the pop-up store merchandised so well! Old suitcases held items like ties and scarves.

J-BROWW eying a scarf that looks like it would match a vintage purse i bought her for a long ago birthday.

More great items for sale at the party.

Proving once again that she has Sunglasses Face (we have yet to find a pair J-BROWW looks bad wearing).

A perfect little shirt for Junior!

On Sunday, with Chief at the race, J-BROWW, or should i say Little Edie, and I sat on the porch most of the day relaxing (and by relaxing i mean drinking). We watched some Real Housewives of New York (those ladies are NUTS), nibbled on some nibbles, and then finally started the grill.

This is the best costume for today for grilling chicken.


After several more hours of relaxing (remember, i said that that means drinking) i headed over to D.J. (I still don't know why he put those headphones on) Guy's house for some more relaxing (again....drinking).

I hadn't "relaxed" with vodka for quite a while....i need to stick to bourbon. It treats me better.

Today it was off to Mom and Dad's for a tiny bit of gardening (SO. HOT.) and a lot of eating and playing. We found all of Carrie and my People Stuff for Junior to play with at Grandma and Pappa's house.

And after hours of relaxing (this time i mean just relaxing, believe me. I couldn't have "relaxed" today to save my life), Junior hopped on his bike, rang his bell, and pedaled off towards home. Alright, alright. Big C had to push him.


  1. Thank you so much for coming! We were so thrilled that you came!

  2. So glad to have finally met you! I have always thought Grey Gardens would be a great party theme...