Sunday, May 8, 2011

Look Out, Philip Treacy!....HRH Princess Beatrice's Hat Wasn't THAT Bad!

I actually thought it was quite fetching...though maybe a bit too Tim Burton for the Royal Wedding (it was much more fashionable than that worn by her Aunt Anne). Last week my boss said she needed some hats to wear to a friends annual Derby Party, so on Friday i got busy. Though quite cheeky, i think there was no doubt that people would know where the inspiration came from.....

the hat that will go down in infamy.
my versions. they were light enough, i think, to be pinned easily on the head (I'll have to find out if that is true tomorrow).
and there they are, the Countess of Kline and Marchioness of Patterson. i hope they bet on Animal Kingdom so they can get better hats next year!

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