Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Day (Get Ready, This is a Doozy of a Garden Update)

Sunday started soggy (of course) but ended up warm and overcast-perfect for working in the garden. the ground in most places was still too wet for planting, but the Berry Patch/Cutting Garden, being a raised area, received some new Casablanca lily bulbs (the first of many Oriental lilies i hope to add this year), and we planted a 'Queen Elizabeth' rose-just to round off the Royal Wedding weekend. we also found some more fun stuff at Lowes...but more on that later. it is wonderful to see the results of all of our fall bulb planting.
now for a little spring tour....enjoy!

in the Boxwood Border, Darwin 'Orange Lion' and Fosteriana 'Purissima' tulips are blooming.

the new little muscari 'Armeniacum' are quite robust-each bulb sending up at least two large blooms.

some tulips i had forgotten about. oops!

multi-flowering 'Orange Toronto' tulips.

i love these pure white, multi-bloomed 'Thalia' daffodils

i wish you could smell this 'Korean Spice' viburnum. i brought some branches home and the Penthouse is filled with their spicy-sweet scent.

some Rembrandt tulips making their second season appearance.

love this one.

this one looks almost air brushed.

oregano continues to reappear in it's old spot in the vegetable garden...just means more to move, i guess.

the lemon balm is doing likewise.

sweet peas are up!

the mesclun and spinach continues to grow, grow, grow!

some double yellow daffodils.

more little 'Jetfire' daffodils.

little 'Scarlet Gem' daffodils near the chive border.

the old Sandbox bed changes every day (and will soon begin to grow in size, as well...stay tuned).

a little common white trilium.

the old planting of lily-of-the-valley is starting it's show.
i found this amazing, single bloom red peony at Meijer. of course nursery plants bloom ahead of Mother Nature, but i had to take a pic of the flower.
the Cutting Garden/Berry Patch looks amazing (the burlap came off the blueberries today, btw).

a 'Woodstock' hyacinth.

looking towards the future home of the gooseberry bushes (the place that needs weeded just beyond the currants).

such vibrant colors.
the last of the mixed hyacinths came home with me, as well as a few of these 'Early Glory' tulips.

the rhubarb grew much larger this year, but still not enough to pick (well, maybe a small, single serving crisp).

i absolutely love these daffodils. they smell so sweet (even people who think daffodils stink...J-Broww, I'm talking to you...would agree). unfortunately, these were planted long before i had a digital camera, or ever thought i would need to keep track of what i was planting.

a 'Purple Sensation' allium about to burst!

an entire row for picking...and look how good the red raspberries are doing! back from the bitten off!

the little blueberries are leafing out, having survived the winter and the rabbits.

and i couldn't be happier with how well the 'Red Lake' currants are doing in their new home.
we may even have a modest harvest!
again...i love these.

'Woodstock' hyacinths book ending one of the last 'Gypsy' hyacinths. this really has been a lovely Spring.


  1. Oh Matt, Thank you for the lovely vacation this morning! I can smell your gardens and the bright colors on this grey morn have swept me away! I needed that! I LOVE the pink tulips...what are they called again??? Early Glory...where did you find them?

  2. Thanks ever so much! it was quite gloomy yesterday, as well, but you couldn't even tell! i believe the Early Glory tulips were purchased at a very exclusive bulb supplier called Menards! ;)

  3. haaaa! thanks Mr. Smar Tass! I have always been afraid of tulips but perhaps I will suck it up and look for some this fall...