Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mid Week Garden Update, Part 1

This is only Part One because tomorrow three yards of brand new soil arrives for the new Vegetable Garden extension...so I'm sure there will be another Mid Week Garden Update. However, i did get some tasks completed, and managed to squeeze in a visit with my nephew and sister, as well.

my main goal today was to finish weeding, and then till, the remaining section of the Cutting Garden/Berry Patch. Task completed.

in went the gooseberries. they looked so big growing at the Penthouse....now they look little more than twigs!

the hardy kiwi are making a comeback! this is the female on the North side of the pergola.

and the male is on the left of this picture on the South side. next to him is a second 'Anna' female. only the female produce fruit, so i hope this way we will have vines with kiwis all over the pergola.....some day.

then i ran to my sisters to get out of the sun for a bit (it was HOT today). i looked up at the sky as i was leaving and was afraid i would be rained out! thankfully the storms stayed to the South.

dwarf bearded iris are blooming.

some poppies budding out.

some white iris.

i top dressed the red raspberries with some compost....

and then mulched them with the grass cut to make way for the Vegetable Garden extension.

I'm guessing the allium will be blooming by the end of the week-some I'm sure by tomorrow afternoon. then it will be the Dutch iris, then the cosmos (which were planted in the space between the iris and the hyacinths-zinnias will go between the hyacinths and tulips).

the last of the tulips to bloom. they are called 'Happy Family' and have a bit of a candy cane look.

tulips along the North side of the Vegetable Garden in the mint patch.

i love the mass planting of chives! now i need to move some more to continue it all along.....

the South side of the extension!!! we have basically doubled the amount of growing space, and will have room for some rambling things, such as pumpkins and melons. i am so excited! Dad built this on Sunday, and my job will be moving three yards of soil tomorrow (i HOPE). the outside herb beds are filling in nicely, but if you look closely along the path on the right of the center path, you can see all of the lemon balm and oregano that still needs to find a new home.

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  1. Now, this year will you be planting Snozberries, subgenous of Wonkalarium?