Friday, May 13, 2011

Not So Mid Week Garden Update, Part Two

Soooooo, i was going to blame Blogger being down as the reason i haven't posted, but the soil didn't come until yesterday, anyway, so it all worked out. Here are a few pics of the new Vegetable Garden extension, and, weather permitting, there should be a sizable post Sunday or Monday of all the things that get planted.

Have a great weekend!

the mountain i had to move-3 cubic yards of good top-black-peat mix. I've been trying not to use peat moss, but we are starting from scratch here, so i went ahead and did it. Next year we will probably just add compost.

the 15 tomato plants are eager to get their roots in the ground. hopefully they will all move on Sunday!

i was worried it wouldn't be enough, but 3 yards seemed to do the trick (it is slightly mounded in the center to conserve some to spread once the bed settles).

weeding and herb moving needs to be done, and then the mulch will be here. i am going to sort of dig a continuation of the center path, and mulch it, as well. i am so excited to have this part of the 2011 Season completed!

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  1. Amazing what just 2 weeks of great weather can do.
    All looks well thought out...happy planting !!!