Friday, May 6, 2011

Q: What Did You Do Friday Night?

A: I put away Winter and took out Spring. Coats, that is. Pretty exciting, i know, but as always i try to stay low key on Fridays so as not to feel awful Saturday at work. Let me tell ya, sorting clothes and listening to guilty pleasure songs on the ipod is a pretty good way to stay out of trouble....

i swear i haven't purchased a new coat since, well, this year. but i only bought one, and it was a great deal, and before that it had been at least two years! i swear! this is the mess of pulling out Spring.

and all the winter coats go into garment bags made with breathable material on the bottom-gotta let your clothes breathe!

i also tossed in a few cedar balls for good measure. you never know what is lurking in 85 year old buildings.

all put away (in the back, behind the suits and jackets....God i wish i had a walk-in closet).

scarves are put away, as well, as i am NOT one of those trendy springtime scarf wearers.

now all the rain coats, jackets, vests, blah, blah, blah are ready to grab. i even found some i had forgot about! (that seems to happen a lot when i dig around in my closets). those buttons are of the Union Jack and the Windsor coat of arms, both made by J-Broww for our Royal Wedding celebration at JKO's last Friday. well, we were actually celebrating a friends birthday, otherwise we probably would not have celebrated the British Royal Wedding in an Irish Pub....

I'm keeping the Wellies out since the rain seems likely to stick around. boy do they need cleaned up!
i haven't shown much of the semi-completed bedroom yet, but here is a shot of those wonderful 'Korean Spice' viburnum.
and a big bunch of grape hyacinths on the night stand.

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