Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away.....

....I wanted to plant some 'maters today!

It seems the rain we lacked last summer is making an early come back. I don't want to complain, however, as all this rain is making everything grow so fast, and stay that wonderful, lush green that i will be missing in July.
 Despite the constant drizzle (and stopping off at O's to see the Bloody Mary Sunday crew) i did some inspecting, a little measuring, and marked some of the all white daffodils. They will be dug this fall (as will several other clumps of daffodils that are getting a bit crowded, and therefore less productive) and replanted in a new garden that is really coming together-a White Garden. We already have the white bleeding hearts, and today we found a climbing hydrangea. This was extremely exciting, as it was very reasonably priced and much larger than anything i could special order from the catalogs. I was trying to figure out a way to create some sort of wall or hedge for the new garden, and i believe the climbing hydrangea just may be the answer.
So i don't really have any new pics for today, but took a few of what replaced the lilacs on the book shelves....

the more i see the new display of all green pottery (and add to it) the more i love it.

i also love adding green to the flower arrangements at this time of year. hosta leaves are perfect (before slugs start to chew the edges) and the ferns just shout SPRING! the new hellebore leaves have completely overtaken the flowers, so i had no qualms snipping a few blooms. the allium in the cutting garden have done way better than i had expected, and the little yellow Ranunculus asiaticus, or Persian buttercups, are just beginning to bloom.

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