Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wet Tuesday in the Garden

Despite the near constant drizzle, muddy clothes, and dirt caked shoes, I had a very productive day off. The new chicken wire is up, almost all the tomatoes are in the ground, and i even managed to find a few bargains at Lowes this afternoon.

all of the peppers were regular price, but all of the Marigolds were either 50 or 75 cents per six-pack!

a 'Blue Star' sea holly (Eryngium alpinum) for only 2.50....i think.

as usual with nursery plants, they are blooming a bit earlier than they should. next year, however, they will add interest to the garden in the later half of the summer.

the next non-vegetable project is to get rid of this zebra grass!!!!

the lavender continues to green up.

and the kiwi vines are growing, twisting, and climbing!

in the Vegetable Garden i dug out and mulched a continuation of the path, making it a bit wider at the far end to fit planters for two tomato plants.

green, orange, and yellow peppers are in!

as are about 8 of the 15(?) tomato plants. digging in the new dirt was wonderful!

Pink Brandywine

Park's Whopper

Black Prince

Cherokee Purple

German Queen

a good old Roma tomato

Mr. Stripey

and last but not least (for now), Lemon Boy.

the peas are all reaching out their little tendrils.

the broccoli and the wintered over chard keep growing....

as does all the lemon balm that needs moved.

radishes are starting to pop out of the ground, almost ready to pick!

at the far end near the parsley is another tomato (i forget who it is, though) and the spinach and mesclun are getting closer to being ready to pick. cukes or beans will go along the left side by the old perimeter fence. of course there is still so much to do, but I'm hoping i can get back in there Saturday after work and finish weeding the paths and begin on the seeds.....and whatever else i may find between now and then.

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