Monday, June 6, 2011

Around the Garden

After getting up early for work on Sunday, and a break back at home for Sunday Morning Relaxing, i headed over to Mom and Dad's for a pretty productive day in the garden. I took lots of pics (so much is going on!), so bear with me....

The Dutch iris i planted in the Cutting Garden are beginning to fade....but a few are still lovely.

I didn't cut many this year, hoping that letting them go full circle will strengthen the bulbs for next year.

The heat of Saturday (and today....and probably tomorrow) has been both friend and foe. The dahlias planted in the Cutting Garden just last weekend are all up.

And the ferny leaves of the cosmos planted between the iris and hyacinths are growing well-timed perfectly with the fading hyacinth leaves.

As are the zinnias planted between the hyacinths and the almost gone tulips.

One of the female kiwi vines has come back with a vengeance-bunnies be damned! The vines are already encircling the pergola support. I had planned on painting it this summer, but.....

On the other side. Again it is the vine that was almost vanquished that has put on the most new growth (though the new one is growing well, too).

Only a few inches away from the top! I believe the older the vines get, the woodier they become. Eventually they will create a shady place for a table and chairs (once the old swing finally gives way).

The big old potted rosemary plant is already happier outside-his leaves are fatter, and he's blooming!

The tomatoes (and the sunflowers just beyond) are growing like crazy-another case of the heat being a friend. The one small guy is a replacement for a German Queen that didn't make it. I dug out and replaced the soil, too, just in case anything was lingering...
Purple string beans are up! Big time! the peppers are doing o.k., except for the one nearest....he may be replaced by a still homeless tomato plant.

Some little hollyhock tuber we picked up in a clearance bin is pushing up...a little.

One of my bamboo tuteurs has been placed for beans and cucumbers....a second still needs to go in for some melons....or more beans and cucumbers.

I picked almost all the mesclun, and may get one more harvest out of this patch. Then it is on to the next!

The okra is up!

The first year asparagus patch continues to surprise me. These have already ferned out. Meanwhile....

New spears pop up every day. I'm beginning to relax a bit about many of the crowns being bad. I may under plant these guys with more mesclun, or wait until fall and plant kale.

The next project that MUST get accomplished is the enlarging of the shade bed. We are getting quite crowded here (this is one of the two original beds in the back yard-the other was at the end of the patio....we've come a long way). Some ferns i can move into the back of the Hydrangea Border (since all of the ferns we planted there seem to be thriving), But a LOT of dividing needs to be going on.

The old sandbox shade bed is even worse. Everyone really "leaped" this year. So many of the cooler hostas need room to stretch out, and the hellebore is growing like mad! There is such a thin line between "lush" and "crowded"!

So this is the space we are focusing on. I want to be able to have room to plant a few slow growing trees, as well, just in case the big locust dies (this seems to be my new major worry, for some reason). If the tree was lost, there would be NO shade! It is sort of "high shade", so i think i could try a japanese maple or maybe dogwood or something. Who knows. First we have to dig it (UGH!).

My little, sad begonias have moved to the Shade Garden for the summer....I'm hoping they have a growth spurt.

Oh, and the peonies are blooming!

This one looks lovely, but is stinky.

A perfect powder puff.
This lady smells AMAZING!

I wonder how many petals there are on this bloom?
Here is where the heat was a bit of a foe....this peony burst open a little fast. The blooms, however, are hanging in there. Thank God the rain stopped, or the blooms would have been ruined. Spectacular!
The Hydrangea Border is filling in nicely for a first year planting.
I cannot wait until these guys are big, bountiful, East Hampton style plants. It may help if i weeded...

After much debate, the climbing hydrangea was planted in the Hydrangea Border. We now need to contrive some sort of trellis/support system so he can scale the house. Hope he likes it here!
And with any bulbs you plant in the shade, the Dutch iris in the Hydrangea Border are last to open. This is a great way to prolong the bloom season (and it works for just about any fall planted bulb, except lilies). These were supposed to all be "Bronze Perfection", however, it seems a few blue stragglers were mixed in.
The allium Schubertii seems to be blooming a bit earlier (heat?) this year, as well. Just like a firework!

A lovely pink lupine.

The allium 'Moly' multiplies every year.
And best of Meyer lemon was blooming the moment it found a sunny new home on the patio. If only this blog was scratch and sniff!


  1. If you need a home for any of those old-fashioned of mine did not come back...maybe a trade??? Your peonies are DELIGHTFUL and those bubble-gum pink girlies are so wonderful, they almost hurt to look at! This is exactly what I needed to see upon returning from a field trip with 10thousand first graders in 197degree heat...thanks for the little serenity!

  2. Ugh. This heat!!! i know you dislike it as much as i! i'll keep you posted on the ferns (once i see how much room i need to fill in the new beds). it seems like we used to have so many more of them! perhaps they don't have enough room? the poor peonies are already done, again, due to this awful heat!