Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Deck Season (Rabbit Season) Deck Season (Rabbit Season)

It's official.....summer has begun. Welcome to the 2011 Deck Season.

After an afternoon of working in the garden, i met up with J-BROWW and Chief.

The newly expanded bar. It even has a real roof! If you look closely at the pictures across the top of the bar you just might find one of Moi!

Napkin Roller Extraordinaire!


The shirt says it all.
A thumbs up from Schmie! And what is that just behind him.....

PBR on tap!!! This is what i should have been drinking.

These guys!

First Gerkey Legs of the Season....I should never have taken one.

Joy Stick!

Good old Walter made it through the winter.

He never eats the skin.

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