Wednesday, June 29, 2011

End of June Garden Update

While I've been digging, weeding, watering, and, yes, still planting (just a few more zinnias and sunflowers), there has been LOTS going on in the garden.

Although i prefer the Oriental lilies and their amazing scent, I have a growing affection for their scentless Asiatic cousins.

Daisies keep blooming and blooming and blooming...

The wind on Tuesday really did some damage to the tall, stately delphiniums. This one weathered the wind alright.

The new shrub rose is setting a lot of new buds. I love the color (they are a mango color when they first open).

I bought three of these mini dahlias for $1 each-they were on clearance, but all they needed was some deadheading.

This rose smells amazing...I need to gather up the names again.
The Cutting Garden/Berry Patch is looking wonderful-everything growing better than I ever expected.

Blackberries are beginning to ripen.

And we may even get a few red raspberries! Take that, bunnies!
Zinnias and cosmos are starting to get buds!

And the dahlias (which I pinched back a few weeks ago to encourage branching) are growing taller by the day. The Cutting Garden is back in a big, and more orderly, way!
A bit of Provence.

The little, little citrus are adapting quite well to their move outside for the Summer.

The sweet peas are starting to take off, as well. I really hope the heat this weekend doesn't wiped them out (this is one of the reasons we plant them in the shady side of the Vegetable Garden-they like to grow in cool temps for as long as possible).

A scarlet red bloom.
Dappled lavender.
And pure white. You have to pick your sweet-peas every single day, or they will go to seed and stop producing flowers.

Not much corn came up, but what did seems to be well on it's way to being "knee high by the Fourth of July"! The okra is also growing steadily.

As are the 'Mammoth' sunflowers at the back of the garden.

And the tomato plants. Oh my...I've never seen them so big! You have to hunt to see the little tomatoes forming.

Here are some...

...and some Romas...

...and some yellow cherry tomatoes. I ate one...the first tomato of the summer is always the best!

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