Sunday, June 19, 2011

Garden Expansion Round Two (Part One)

As usual on Sunday, once i arrived at my parent's house, i did nothing that was on my To-Do List.  I had planned to weed the asparagus patch and sow more mesclun between the rows (as well as more beets, beans, and carrots).  Instead, after going to town with some spray paint, i plunged headlong into the next phase of the expanding shade beds.  Dad, surprisingly, got the whole thing going (Happy Father's Day!).

Outlining the grass path that will remain between the old Sandbox Bed and one of the new gardens.

The path then curves along to the new Peony Bed opposite the Hydrangea Border (I feel like i need to create a garden map to share with you). My Mom and I had been wondering what to do with this somewhat sunny area, and decided that the older peonies in the cutting garden were planted too close, and some first and second year plants that had come bare root needed more room, as well.  My Dad got to work chopping the grass down to the ground-the clippings will help mulch in the Cutting Garden, as the weeds don't seem to quit out there.
I started up the tiller, and Junior decided to come see what all the noise was about.
How did i ever get along without this guy?  He makes light work out of a heavy job.

Junior (standing in what will be the White Garden) is THRILLED with the progress.
After the tilling, we took a break to check out how the Potager was growing.
I really cannot believe the tomatoes this year.
They are taller than Junior!
The purple beans are getting blooms.

As are the bell peppers.

The first of the lavender is blooming....and i think i finally have a space in mind to move them.

The very first sweet pea of the season....discovered by a teeny bee.
We then saved a rather large earthworm from some busy robins (they must recognize the sound of the tiller, because they were on it like a duck on a June bug-i couldn't believe they could fly with the mouthfuls they were carrying). We watched him dig safely into his new home, while Junior admired the tuteur.
Gardening can really make you thirsty. Looks at those curls growing in!
Back to work. We ended up with room for 6 peonies. In the closest hole i planted peony 'Immaculee'-an all white peony with a dash of red in the center. A nice transition from the Peony Bed to the White Garden.

This is one of the bare root peonies planted two years ago. He struggled under quite a few chives and daffodil leaves. I hope he will be happier here. Peonies are known to resent being moved, but we have always had success. The key is to move them immediately to their new home-no digging up beforehand and then preparing their new spot later. And the really water then in well!
All planted....for now. We moved three, planted two new ones, and left a spot for one more (since i am quite certain they will be on clearance quite soon).

Junior, meanwhile, was making sure the flat of impatiens we have not yet planted (probably going into the Hydrangea Border) was well watered. He watered them for about 20 minutes. Good thing he can't get the handle pushed down very far on the nozzle.

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  1. Very impressive veggie garden i must say...the rabbits have been feasting on my flowers & veggie plants, so disappointing...this has been the worse year in our garden & flowerbeds ;( !!!
    Thank you for your visit at webshots & compliment. Enjoy your gardening, and will check back on your new beds.