Thursday, June 2, 2011

It's The Little Things.....Like a Salad Spinner

I am always extremely excited once the mesclun and spinach start shooting up, and the first day comes when I can begin picking some early greens. I swear they taste better than the store bought bags, and one pack of seeds cost a fraction of what the equivalent amount would cost in the produce department. Cleaning them, however, was always a bit of an ordeal. So at long last i broke down and bought that thing that EVERYONE has.....except for me.

In the past i would rinse everything in a huge bowl, and then let it dry enough not to be soggy when stored on clean flour sack towels. This took up a lot of time and space.

Martha to the rescue! Of course it matches a lot of my other things, but it is collapsible!!! Love it!

Cleaning all of the mesclun.
Lots of dirt (but it's good dirt because i know where it came from).

In it goes! The spinner has sections made of silicone, and that is where it collapses.

Spinning out the water.

About a third of a cup was left behind. I love my new salad spinner-dumb as that may sound. Now that i have this gadget that seems to be a staple, who knows? Maybe a microwave will be next! (but I doubt it)

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  1. I just bought a salad spinner at Target a couple of weeks ago during the spinach onslaught. I'm storing homemade banana nut muffins in it right now. Multitasker?