Saturday, June 4, 2011

Lemon Ice Cream (and a New Lemon Tree!!!!!)

You may remember a recent post about vanilla and Bourbon ice cream. Well, after a good talking out with my dear friend Jess, i gave a lemon version a try....and it's pretty tasty. 

Also, after leaving work today, i made my splurge purchase of the summer when i decided to add to my citrus collection. I am already thinking of new ways to mount my grow lights this Fall, as i don't believe the new guys will fit in the Penthouse-sized greenhouse.

Let the shout-outs to Martha begin-my new "great grater" (made by the Microplane company for the Martha Stewart Collection at Macy's) is money well spent. I had been using one from Kitchenaid that always got gooed up and was hard to clean and actually left very little zest on the side where the zest would actually come off. This one rocks!

Added the zest to the 2 cups of heavy cream. See how neatly the large pieces of zest sits on the Great Grater?

Next i rolled the zested lemon to get the juices flowing.

Squeezed through the sieve to catch seeds. This replaced the 2 Tbs of bourbon (though next time i will try the zest and juice of 2 turned out good, but i like it lemony!).

Then 2 tsps of lemon extract replaced the 2 tsps vanilla extract. Mixed it all together with the can of condensed milk.

Pouring in the whipped cream.

Folding, folding, folding. Then poured into the metal loaf pan and froze overnight.

It is in the mid-90's today, so lemon ice cream really helped me beat the heat! It would be great with some stewed rhubarb! Where did i get the lovely Jadeite ice cream dish? Well, it's not Jadeite at all-it's melamine! I found this, also, at Macy's (Martha shout out number 2-and they were on even deeper discount at $9.99).

Here was my biggest splurge on a plant EVER! $29.95!!! But LOOK at this guy! I figured i have kept all the rest of my citrus collection alive so far, why not really go for it. Can you believe i've never spent more than $25 on a plant (though there are two more citrus varieties i feel i must have, as well as an old fashioned white lilac).

So very pretty! And there is even a little Meyer lemon already started! He will be moving out to the sunny patio tomorrow. I wish the Penthouse balcony was a bit larger, or i would put him out there.

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