Monday, June 13, 2011

My Ever Expanding Citrus Collection

As many of you know, I have an ever growing passion for growing citrus-despite the fact that it is a bit problematic during the colder months.  After the greenhouse last year took up some precious floor space at the Penthouse, I've already begun thinking up some alternatives for the coming winter as far as grow light supports. At any rate, the collection has been growing a bit rapidly lately-mostly because Lowes has a great selection this year. Last year all of my little citrus came from Lowes, save two that were mail order (and cost almost as much as the ones i am now buying...and were much, much smaller). I am actually making more of an "investment" this year, as they are all priced around $29. I now have one of each type of plant that they offer, though i still have my eye on a Buddha's hand and a Ponderosa lemon (and maybe a blood orange) from Logee's. Oh....and a "Pink Lemonade" lemon.

Now i just need to find a nice, permanent location for these plants, as well as the little guys still at the Penthouse.

Here are all of the new plants. Clockwise from bottom left we have a Fukushu kumquat, the Meyer lemon, a Nagami kumquat, and a Eustis limequat.

The Fukushu kumquat has buds and fruit! They, like the Nagami, can be eaten whole.

The Meyer lemon blossoms are exploding! And hopefully being pollinated.

How many little lemons are forming? We'll have to wait and see....

Plus, the buds keep appearing!
Here are some limequats. They are a hybrid between a West Indian lime and a Marumi kumquat and can be substituted for either a lemon or a lime.
The blooms on the limequat have a lighter scent than the Meyer lemon (which is by far one of the most fragrant flowers i have ever smelled).
The Nagami kumquat doesn't have any blooms or fruit, the Fukushu, however, has both. I can't wait to see these little flowers open.

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