Monday, June 27, 2011

My Supper Dish...My Succotash Wish (Sing It, Baby!)

In my continuing attempt to use up last Summer's bounty to make room in the freezer for THIS Summer's approaching bounty (and because I saw some lima beans on quick sale and realized I had everything I needed at home to make it...well, maybe it was because I heard Dee-Lite's "Groove is in the Heart" on the way to the grocery) I decided to make some succotash. 

Now if you hate lima beans, stop reading right now. If you love lima beans, or maybe want to try to love them, keep reading.

Succotash, which gets it's name from the Narragansett Indian word "msickquatash" (which means "boiled whole ear of corn"-thanks Martha) is a great way to use all those summer veggies that you want to buy at the farmer's market...but are afraid you won't use fast enough (especially sweet corn). I personally think it is delicious, plus healthy, and filling (it's all I ate for supper). Here is the recipe.

Melting the butter in olive oil.
I used a sweet onion-diced.
Cooked down with the garlic.
All the rest of the ingredients. The zucchini was shredded to use in bread, but it still worked just fine. The sage and thyme came from the garden.
So colorful!
And so good. Don't be afraid to use your salt and pepper-this stuff can take a lot of it. It may change the mind of the lima bean naysayer in your life.

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