Thursday, June 23, 2011

No-Cook Strawberry Freezer Jam

I can never resist deals on fresh produce, so whenever I see "2 for $3" or "2 for $4" signs posted above the seasonal berries, I snatch them up and figure out what I will do with them later. I'm not a big canner....yet. I think canning is just such a daunting project because you really need to make a lot of something to make it all worth the time processing the jars. I am, however, a big freezer. I've been using up a lot of last year's berries, and replacing them with what I am buying now (so I will have them all winter long). The same will go for sweet corn, zucchini, cherries, etc.  So I had some strawberries, and this is what I did.....

Oh! I also have some currants! These little gems are from our modest first year harvest. I like eating the tart little berries out of hand, but thought they may add a bit of tartness to the jam.
These weren't so technicolor in person.
I sort of ground/chopped them in the Mini Prep....left some big chunks.
Then i pressed/mashed/juiced the currants.
Using a sieve keeps the pulp and seeds behind.

I only had about 2 cups, so i halved the recipe. The recipe calls for 4 cups crushed strawberries, 1 1/2 cups sugar, 5 Tbsp instant pectin (i use Ball brand). Stir everything together for 3 minutes....
And then fill your jars and let them set up for about 30 minutes, then freeze for a year, or refrigerate for about 3 weeks. The recipe will make 5 half mine made 2 and a half. Ball also makes these awesome, reusable, BPA free plastic freezer jars.
Nice and jammy! And EASY!


  1. Looks DELICIOUS! We're picking wild raspberries here now. Love this time of year!

  2. the blackberries are almost ready!!! so i need to use up what i have in the freezer! can't wait until next years harvest of currants-may have enough to make some jelly. oh...and let me just say again how envious i am of your garden. looks awesome!!!