Sunday, June 26, 2011

Progress in the White Garden

After a too late night on Saturday (I mean WAAAAAAY too late), i was very happy Sunday turned out as perfect as it did. Sunny, not too hot or humid, a nice breeze-all in all a perfect day to work outside. Dad went and bought two yards of untreated hardwood mulch, and we went to work moving it all (mostly) around back, as well as continued tilling and began to actually plant the White Garden. Have a look...

This is how things were left as of Tuesday. The future White Garden all tilled, and the peonies in the Peony Border planted.

Mulch began to be moved around back, and then i took a quick break to start tilling the new "connecting" shade bed. I really hope to be dividing and planting in this bed by next weekend.
The new 'Mount Baker' lilac was the first thing planted in the White Garden.
We had enough mulch to do the Hydrangea Border, Peony Border, White Garden, and four smaller beds out front. The rest will be used in the new "connecting" shade bed...but we will need at least 3 more yards for the entire backyard.

Another view of the 'Mount Baker' lilac. I'll have to keep the spread in check a little, but once it is joined by a second, double white lilac I've been keeping my eye on, they should make a nice screen across the back of the garden.
And at long last, the three white bleeding hearts that i bought in hopes of being able to create this garden this year are in their permanent home.

They will sort of edge one of the curves of the grass path. The old bench has been moved to it's new home, as well. It will be a perfect spot to sit and enjoy the entire backyard. In the far left corner is a white azalea i picked up for a few bucks on clearance last week. Have yet to decide on a permanent place for him.

A better look at what is going on here, with what will become one massive shade bed on the left of the grass path (i still need to decide on something to make a foot path out of to go through the new shade bed) and the White Garden on the right. I need to start doing some research for the White Garden, as it seems almost everything thus far will be blooming in the Spring. I need to find some nice, Summer/Fall blooming perennials, although i will also use some foliage plants for interest, as well.


  1. well, there are a bazillion kinds and shapes and sizes of daisies...also, lambs ear blooms white in the summer...oh, crap, what are those new tall blooming white things...running out to check...crippy-crap that tag is, there is a reblooming white iris called "immortality", white scaboisa(sp?), in my book of great lake state natives...."Crown of Snow" blooms "snow white from late summer to fall with snapdragon shaped flowers"...there is also a white bellflower that is native to the area...'White Clips Carpathian Bellflower", 'White Swan Coneflower', "Whirling Butterflies Guara' is white and native,

    ok, ok, so i was inspired because i try to avoid white at the cottage (with such behemoth amounts of white siding everywhere one looks)...

    I can't wait to see what you come up with for a path in your shade is all very, very, delightful, which is exactly what gardens should be!

  2. WOW! thanks! i forgot to add that the garden is primarily a shade garden...the lilacs are going where most of the sun hits. the iris MAY work, and the bellflower should. the crown of snow will, also. i also have plenty of divisions to make...i just have to watch which hostas bloom white. also, i'm going to move the white coral bells (they also have awesome foliage) and some Japanese painted ferns.