Thursday, June 16, 2011

Quick Trip to My Sister's House

On Tuesday my sister called to say round one of ripe mulberries were ready, so after leaving Menards (where i was finding some annuals to under plant the elephant ears) i headed over to her house. Her beds are looking great, and the old apple tree, after not fruiting last year at all, looks like it may give us another bumper crop this fall.

She has the same lilies as we do! Hers have been moved three times, from house, to house, to this house.

Some pretty speckled Asiatic lilies.

All of the snapdragons in the foreground were self seeded from last year. They've filled half the bed!

I wonder if it will happen again this Fall. Snapdragons are a favorite of mine....and we still haven't planted any. Woops!
I absolutely love this clematis.

So pretty and delicate.

Hobbes the Wonder Dog....mid leap.
All of her "ditch" lilies are blooming already, as well. They seem a little early.
Taking a break in the shade.
Apples forming on the old apple tree!

And round one of the mulberries. It is a bother picking out the little stems, but well worth it!

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