Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rhubarb Upside Down Cake

Despite the fact that our rhubarb plants at my parent's are not yet large enough to harvest, rhubarb is in season right now, and it looked too good to pass up last week. I saw this on Alexis Stewart's blog a few weeks ago, and the link was surprisingly from her mom's website (seriously, this is surprising-most recipes are from other sources). Turned out really good (after i botched the cake pans).

Don't forget to buy extra rhubarb and freeze it!!

All of the ingredients (minus those for the crumb "topping").

There we go....i love crumb toppings.

Mixing the rhubarb and sugar, then waited two minutes and mixed it again.

I used a mineola, rather than a navel orange (since i buy juice oranges, and their skin is less than pretty).

Preparing to cream the butter and sugar.

So i dotted the bottom of the 9 inch cake pan with butter....and then realized it was only 1 inch deep, rather than 2.

Yep-definitely was not going to fit. The deep, fluted cake pan came to the rescue.

Much better fit.

Ready for the oven.

Letting it cool for 10 minutes. I was nervous about the fluted edge not releasing the cake, but it worked!

So pretty.

PERFECT with some homemade lemon ice cream.


  1. can you remake this when i am there in august?

  2. Yum!! I saw this on Martha's blog and wished I liked to bake.

  3. Miss B-just bought another lb to freeze...i'll try to hold out.
    I saw it on Alexis' blog and then on Martha's! Glad you read Ms. Stewart's blog!!!! It's really one of those recipes that are easy to make and look good with no extra work!