Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Setting Sail for Stevie's Island

After a HOT day of working in the garden, i swung by the Deck for a "quick drink" with Chief, Wags, Mithter Nelthon, and J-BROWW (who is on a Staycation and isn't afraid to let everyone know it). Some storms blew in, more drinks were served, and in the sultry twilight of the first day of summer we decided to go off on a boat ride. Destination-Stevie's Island.

J-BROWW (after a day at the pool with Mithter Nelthon) was in high spirits.

Cap'n Earnest was in high spirits, as well, because we pulled him away from work.

We were a bit nervous to go, since someone the day before had commented that the boat wasn't steering properly.....Maximilian discovered these logs wedged around the motor. They just may have been the problem.

See ya on the flip side, Deck!!!!

Motoring into the Saint Joe (looking back towards the Columbia Avenue Bridge).


It was really a pretty night. We scared a pair of Blue Herons who circled around us before flying down river. There was also a Mother Duck with about 20 ducklings.

The Greenway side isn't quite as pretty. Mr. Martin says it is just like Saint can be the judge.

The big tree to the right of the blurry light is the first you can see of Stevie's Island.
Then it was very, very dark....and we couldn't find J-BROWW and Pip....and i had to stop taking pics because what happens on Stevie's Island STAYS on Stevie's Island.

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