Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Vegetable Garden Update....and Some Lilies

Things are growing fast these days....and I have a hard time remembering what I've posted and what i haven't. I did quite a bit today (with this GLORIOUS weather, how could I not?), but realized after uploading pictures that i didn't take many of the new things i planted. Oh well....

The Potager is looking great, so I'm dedicating this whole post (almost) to the edibles that are growing like mad. I think we may have some yellow cherry tomatoes in about a week!

An overview of what is quickly becoming the lemon balm breeding ground.

See that? It has almost completely grown across the path. Anyone need some lemon balm?
Last tomato plants are in!

I planted them both inside a bamboo tuteur. There may be room in the third corner for a cucumber.
Entering the addition. Everything is doing far better than I could have hoped.

The purple beans are almost taller than the peppers!

These maters are all about 40 inches tall!

The last row of sunflowers-put in last Tuesday-are all poking up.
They have a little catching up to do with their 'Mammoth' cousins. One summer we planted a TON of different sunflowers, but i never really had room to repeat it again until now. I'm very excited!
The beets suffered a bit from really heavy rain about an hour after i planted them-they sort of jumped out of their rows and clumped together. Some are growing well, however, and now is the time to start a second sowing.

The okra isn't growing quite as fast as everything else, but hopefully it will catch up soon.

One of the cucumbers i started inside....and a maple tree seedling. UGH!!!!

A new patch of Genovese basil is up.

And almost all of the tomatoes have begun to flower.

These are yellow cherry tomatoes....and i think they may be ripe by this time next week!
The sweet peas are really taking off as well....but some are having trouble finding the chicken wire to climb.
Out in the Berry Patch the first year currants are ripening!!!!
These lilies really surprised us. We stuck them in the ground late last year-just some little $1.50 clearance plants that had spent the majority of the summer in their nursery pots waiting for a home.

They are amazing. The other Asiatic lilies in the garden never get blooms this big. Now if only all of the Oriental lilies i planted make it, we should have quite a show in a few years.

Oh, and when i was planting more lily bulbs near the pink lilies, a crazy buzzing circled my head and sort of freaked me out. Then i realized i was right under the hummingbird feeder and this lady needed a drink!

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