Friday, June 10, 2011

Window Box Re Plant

Year's ago, when i lived at 918 West Berry Street (for the first time) I placed window boxes in my 5 sunny living room windows. They grew quite well, and i was able to enjoy the view over them to the street below. The great thing about that apartment was the fact that there were new storm windows and screens that could be opened easily and often for watering. Not so much in the apartments I've had since then. However, the Penthouse, with it's teeny French balcony offered another chance to "garden" at home. Because of the layout, i very rarely open the two side windows, and only open the double French doors in the center. Therefore i can easily leave the screens out to make watering a piece of cake.

I really hope they grow in fully, despite a little set-back I've already had due to a delay in planting (i almost killed two plants and pretty much killed two more). That has been remedied, so now i just have to wait and see how they grow.

I swear i very rarely kill any plants.

However, he was quickly replaced with another "Phantom" petunia.

This guy is going to be a "wait and see". He's already doing much better (I couldn't bear the thought of tearing him out).

I was going for a black/white/and lime green color scheme, but then i found these rather old four-o-clock seeds and decided to soak them (to speed up germination) and plant them.

The seeds look a bit like rabbit poo. I planted four-o-clocks in the window boxes at 918, and they looked awesome. They open late in the day (four o'clock-perfect for tea time). I hope they will do well....but the seeds are quite old. If they DO grow, i won't mind them changing my color scheme.

An overhead view. The petunias are both newer cultivators-the bumble bee looking "Phantom" and (on the far right) the new "Black" petunia. It seems to be more of a dark purple (maybe due to the sun?). The white geraniums were found at Lowes for 50 cents each (due to a mis-mark), and the sweet potato vine will hopefully cascade nicely (without hanging in the downstairs neighbor's windows).

It's fun to look over from my desk to watch them grow! Fingers crossed that the four-o-clocks will sprout!

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