Thursday, July 7, 2011

An Attempt at Overhead Garden Photography on the Fourth

On Monday our tree people (aka my dad) were cutting out some of the dead branches in one of the big old locust trees. I figured, since the ladder was out, I would climb up and take some pics. They are mostly blurry, but it's kind of fun to see the gardens from a different perspective.

Enjoy another little tour!

The Cutting Garden and Berry Patch. The area in the foreground NEEDS WEEDED!

Some late planted zinnias.

Cosmos starting to bloom (at last)!
The first round of zinnias aren't far behind.

Junior and I went out to pick what blackberries were left after a (suspected) raccoon attack. It was a shock, and a mess, with canes broken all over. They didn't touch the unripe berries, so there may still be a chance for a harvest.

The ones that WERE ripe were quickly devoured.

The newest section of the garden. The purple beans are thriving (along the lower right, mixed with some bell peppers) with the first sowing of beets to the left (lighter green). Across the way is the okra, and all along the left are the tomatoes!

Looking in from the front gate...blurry.

Another view. There is a LOT of dill coming up from seed from last years plants (they just get blurred in with the parsley). The mess in the path at the bottom is chard and broccoli that had bolted.
Our little patch of corn is knee high!

Another shot of the okra.

Late blooming drumstick alliums are right outside the garden gate.
Blooms on the purple beans.

This is an heirloom watermelon called 'Moon and Stars', and the fruit has a dark green skin with yellow speckles-and so do the leaves!

Junior instantly spied the ripe yellow cherry tomatoes (just look how big the plants are!) and picked them.
"I'm outta here!"

He liked them much more than his face would indicate.

We have figs! They are just beginning and are tiny, but both trees have them!

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