Sunday, July 24, 2011

Garden Update

This heat has tried its best to devastate the Garden (and me), but with lots (and lots, and lots) of watering, we have been fighting right back. Let's hope this weather breaks soon, or the Dog Days of August are bound to be absolutely horrid! With all the heat, as well as some busy weekends, planting has come to a halt. I do, however, need to get more beans and beets sown, as well as finish the Shade Garden expansion, and really get planting in the White Garden. It's just too hot!!! Here's an update of what is surviving these 98 degree days...

Two new elephant ears found their way to the Garden. They were marked down to $5.
This one is called 'Illustris'.

And this is the underside of 'Black Magic'. I hope I will be able to overwinter them properly, so that they may become long term additions to the garden.
The sweet scent of the 'Stargazer' lilies is filling the air all around the patio.
Out in the Potager, it was time to water...or flood. Look at all of that happy Sweet Basil sprouting!
The heat is really taking a toll on the sweet peas.
More basil-I believe this is Lemon Basil.
And this is Genovese basil, and will be ready to pick with the first ripe slicing tomatoes!

Little cucumbers are growing!
I've stopped counting the number of Romas waiting to ripen on the vines.
The okra is about to begin blooming!

Today I spied the first Swallowtail Butterfly caterpillar hanging out on a bean stalk.

We didn't pick these today, but WOO HOO!!!! Tomato Season has begun! (we've been enjoying yellow pears and cherries for several weeks already, but good old slicing tomatoes are pretty exciting!)
Out in the Cutting Garden the zinnias and cosmos are beginning to start their show.
A pretty peachy cactus flowering zinnia.
Some chartreuse 'Envy' zinnias.
'Envy' look particularly nice mixed with the bold 'Purple Prince'.
Up on the patio there is a lot going on with the citrus. This kumquat (I think it's a Nagami) has put on a flush of new blooms.

A little limequat...not sure when it's ready to pick.
Another limequat LOADED with fruit!

More blooms...
And the Meyer lemon grows each day.
Looks like we may even get to enjoy some figs this summer! I am so excited!

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