Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Meeting My (Egg) Makers

What did I do before my sister met a boy who had a mom that raises chickens? I bought eggs at the grocery. Last Sunday I took a nice country drive, up past the Sit'n Bull Pub, to meet the Rhode Island Red hens that lay the best eggs in the world (in my humble opinion). I won't go on, since I've gushed about these eggs in previous posts.

They were eager to meet me.
Or perhaps just eager to get out and start hunting for bugs.
Some thought it was too hot...or it was time to start laying. From what I've read, Rhode Island Reds are quite prolific, and lay about 5 eggs a week!

Happy chickens make good eggs! I can't wait to visit again...maybe I can meet the next batch of chicks when they arrive!

Thanks Chickens! And especially Mrs. Malone!


  1. I wish we could have chickens in the city!

  2. Totally agree! This is why i need to buy a little "farmette" outside the city limits!