Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Glorious Gardenia

Early this spring, walking into the greenhouse at Lowes, I was knocked over by the scent of dozens of gardenia topiary trees blooming. I instantly longed for a gardenia, but they were quite pricey, and I had always read about how finicky they are to winter over (they want HIGH humidity, bright but indirect light, etc.-the humidity part is what i fear the most, as the Penthouse is quite dry in the winter). Last week, however, they were missing from the front of the garden I headed to the back. Sure enough I found them...marked down to $24.00!!!! I will be consulting my friend and gardening buddy Marissa soon, as she has a gardenia she overwintered now residing on her front steps, and it looks lovely as ever. I also need to decide if I want to move him to the Garden for the rest of the summer, or just keep him to myself (and perhaps ease the transition to living indoors).

I picked the healthiest looking one. He's rather crooked, but had the most buds and thickest leaves.

The scent is amazing!

I've read that excessive heat causes the flowers to turn yellow. Pure white is lovely, but the yellow blooms are still rather pretty.

So many buds to open!

You can see the yellow creeping in.

This one is much more yellow...I hope the temperature drops a bit so i can get a few more white blooms.

What a wonderful addition to what I am going to have to call my plant "Collection".

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