Thursday, July 14, 2011

"Parade Day...and Beyond" The Long (or Lost) Weekend Part II

            Once breakfast was brought, we decided to bring it!!! Melissa and Curtain arrived with an Igloo cooler of Bloody Mary's, while, well, take a look...

(This post has been edited in order to save face.)   
Special thanks to J-BROWW for additional Parade Day pics.   

Ready for the Parade to start. Come on, Shriners!!!
Just when we thought we were out of champagne, Mr. F pulled one more bottle out of the cooler...let the mimosa drinking continue!!!
I had no idea the Wailhounds were still around...or that they had a float!
A small detachment of Imperial Stormtroopers marched proudly down West Wayne Street.
Cruisin' For IU, baby!
The marching bands were all TINY...except Northrup and North Side. I think this is, um, wait. This isn't a marching band. This is the Ball State cheer squad. Enough with the Parade!
After the parade we all retired to the back patio (where we were shielded from the public). Wags and Steve spent most of the day rubbing the fact that they had seen Sade and John Legend the night before in our faces. Nice shirt, Wags!

At looooong last Good Mood Guy arrived. That's a lie. Guy was in a good mood all weekend. I think he's about to do the chicken dance...

J-BROWW, as always, was THIRSTY!

I'm going to skip what happened from 6 p.m. Saturday through 12 noon on Sunday (because it is really none of your beeswax-all I'll say is that it involved seeing Kelly B. and T.E. at Henry's around, um, I'm not sure) when I returned with Guy to Chief and J-BROWW's for brunch. After that we went to the Chalk Walk and Art in the Park.

J-BROWW, ever fashionable, was HOT.
Somewhere in this crowd is my friend Jaimee...somewhere...

J-BROWW. Still hot...but now we are at the Deck, about to cool off.
Nothing says 95 degree day like ice cold High Life. After this the four of us ventured into the dirty underbelly of the Festival-walking through Junk Food Alley and actually RIDING a midway ride (right after someone had thrown up on it).  After that, Chief, J-BROWW, Guy, and myself headed back to the world we know-the world of AC, leftovers, and Big Brother. This was the best weekend ever!

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  1. That was one of the best weekends ever. Thank you for memorializing it. "STOP THE RIDE!"