Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rescued Flowers

There is seldom a sadder sight than seeing left behind wedding flowers heaped up on a table, crammed into a few vases, or simply left laying somewhere at the reception venue...forgotten before the champagne goes flat. Whenever I see this (which is actually quite often) I try and save them the best I can.

The domed bouquets were perfect for several of my vases...they just needed to be trimmed down a bit.
This bouquet ALMOST looks this good still today (despite the oppressive heat).
Two more...the one in the white McCoy vase was already suffering a bit.
These were some loose roses left in one of the vases from work.
And these spray roses (I LOVE spray roses) brightened up my desk. The colors were so summery.
In an attempt to temper the heat a bit, I've been keeping the curtains drawn all day. I think it may be working a's only 95 degrees inside right now. I never thought i would be dreaming for the days of 86 degree weather...

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