Monday, July 11, 2011

A Tour of My Summer (Pent)House

Alright,'s not actually my Summer House, but summer has definitely arrived at the Penthouse. And it is HOT! Therefore, in an attempt to cool things down (at least visually) I have swapped out a few rugs, some pillows, some dishes, and sort of attempted to make the place more Breezy East Hampton than Sweltering Mid-West.

The whole thing started with the large acid green and yellow pillows-on sale from the Martha Stewart Collection-and a photo I have on the Living Room wall.

 Then I remembered I had the little grosgrain embellished bolster pillows (they were the first pillows I ever bought for the blue chairs), so out they came. Then I covered the sofa with an off white wool throw. I know you're thinking "Wool??? When it's 90 degrees out???", but wool actually helps wick sweat away from you, and this throw is machine washable, so all the better.

 This cotton rug (also machine washable) usually accompanies me to the beach (to put down under my towel). There being no beach trip this year, i decided to bring it into the Living Room, since it sort of tied all the "summer" colors together.
Some coral and beach stones on the cocktail table mingles with some of the first hydrangeas from the garden.

These Ikat pillows (again, from Martha) i absolutely love! I originally bought only one for my bed, but then decided i should grab another and put them on the blue chairs. They are a very soft, low pile velvet.
The final touch-a bunch of early summer flowers from the garden.
In the kitchen I grabbed any blue and white and aqua dishes I could find.

I love the (now retired) cafe au lait  bowls.
The bed got a "new" matelasse coverlet (formerly used as the bedskirt) and some crisp white sheets. I also have (for the first time EVER-believe it or not) air conditioning in the bedroom, so the cable knit pillows aren't really that hot. I also am out of room for pillow storage.
The Dining Room without the greenhouse still seems so much bigger to me-perhaps it is because of all the light now let in by the windows.
A great, fragrant, and long lasting arrangement of lemon balm (just beginning to bloom), parsley flowers, and some sturdy stalks of Apple mint.

The Living Room rug has been relocated, and I love it. Until I have some extra cash for some plain sisal rugs, this one may stay where it is.
And then I remembered that somewhere I still has my old awning stripe shower curtain. It has held up quite well (from two of my previous apartments-it was used best in the bathroom I painted a bright hellebore green and hung a bunch of equally colorful framed New Yorker covers...I'll have to look for some pictures).

So "Summery", and it reminds me of my other inspiration for this whole project...
Which is a fun, inexpensive print from Life Magazine of Nantucket Beach in 1963. Can't get much more "Summery" than that!


  1. your pad is simply beautiful...p.s love the "keep calm and carry on" pillow, words i live by nowadays...

  2. I can feel the breeze in my hair, taste the salty air, and hear the is definitely a summer house!!!! Your flower arrangements are stunning!