Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Annual Zoo Trip

Yesterday my sister, Junior, and I took our annual trip to the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo...and we couldn't have asked for a better day! The weather was sunny, in the upper 70's, with a nice breeze. Many of the animals, however, seemed to be exhausted and acted as though it were 120 degrees in the shade. 
Some of them were up for playing, though, and we had a great time.

Junior chose to wear the Star Wars shirt I bought him!

Poor Monkey Island...there was only one lonely Capuchin monkey there, where once there were what? Twenty? It used to be so much fun watching them playing.

The spotted hyena...exhausted.

Some Great White Pelicans.
Despite repeating "Nice kitty...nice kitty" the "kitty" never came any closer.

The banded mongoose (or mongeese?) were all soaking up the sun on a ledge of their exhibit.

Junior...again trying to get a "nice kitty" to come closer.

The leopard sort of bought it.
I LOVE the giraffes. The way they walk make me think of those long necked dinosaurs. They seem to glide along, pulled by their necks.

A very nice lady shared some of her lettuce with Junior.

They are just so huge! I could stand there all day and watch them.
Junior, however, was ready to move on.

The lone ostrich ran up pretty close before we left the African Veldt...I mean African Journey!

On to the Rain Forest!

Junior was really concerned about the blankets dropped into the water by the orangutans.

The Sumatran Orangutan exhibit does sort of bother me. These guys are so huge, and seem so bored and sad.
Junior kept repeating "Two turtles!" while we said "No, no. Only one turtle." Then we saw the other turtle...
I wish I could get my elephant ears to grow this large!

I love this picture, and took the exact same one last year. Perhaps this will be an annual photo op!
"Hey look! Fish!"
A quick trip to pet some goats. (I really miss catching the chicks and ducklings)

And feed some ducks (including Donald-the only white one on the lake. At least I imagine that that must be his name).

And then we're off again...
"See ya next year, Zoo!"

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