Sunday, August 21, 2011

At Work in the Garden

The weather could not have been better to be out in the Garden on Sunday, so out to the Garden I went...

After rain all night and this morning, I thought today would be a perfect day to finish the shade bed extension...
However, the ground was dry, dry, dusty, and dry. The grass that had been whacked was growing back in, though, so I stuck it out and tilled, and tilled, and tilled.
And now we are ready to start dividing, moving, and planting (and maybe buying).
Out front, Mom's old tea roses are having quite a growth spurt, sending out tons of new buds. This is 'John F. Kennedy'.
The coral colored floribunda also looks great.
Around the North side of the house, opposite the Hydrangea Border, the elephant ear is finally putting out some leaves worth being called, well, elephant ears.
The Hydrangea Border itself (only in it's second season) looks incredible. Everything is filling in so nicely, and the pink and green palette is perfect!
All of the ferns planted, such as this 'Autumn' fern, are doing remarkably well.
The 'Pinapple Upside Down Cake' hostas are turning rather white for some reason, but the leaves and plant appear to be healthy.
Perennials (and annuals I had planned on planting) for the White Garden are beginning to add up.
Out in the Cutting Garden, the little 'Teddy Bear' sunflowers are opening. They aren't as tall as I had hoped, but there are still a lot of buds to open.
The real show that is just beginning right now, however, is at the back of the Potager. Nothing says "End of Summer" quite like sunflowers.
I'm always happy to see the busy bees pollinating. I don't know why I haven't planted more sunflowers in the past...this will be remedied next year.
The Potager itself is still looking better than ever.
Little beans are forming...

And big green beans are ready to pick.
The yellow tomatoes are really, REALLY, prolific this year.

More heirlooms ripening.
I keep on picking okra...and it keeps on delivering.
And beneath the okra the little row of carrots are beginning to show their ferny leaves.
I had given up hope on this row of wax beans, and planted another two rows in some free space in the same bed.
I am happy to report, however, that the wax beans haven't given up on me. There are still more and more coming (the same is true for the purple beans).
Oh my goodness, today just kept getting better and better. We dumped the compost tumbler!
"Black Gold" for the Garden! Many plants will have a topdressing of this good, rich compost.
And last of all I finally finished extending the bed at the North end of the vegetable garden.
And the last three currant bushes are happily in their place.


  1. They are 'Black Prince'...but are planted right next to the 'Cherokee Purples'! (I had to look this evening, since the plants are so tangled I wasn't sure what branch they were coming from)

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE the pink and green hydrangea bed...and HOW are your ferns so healthy...mine fried to a crisp...though they were just starting to come back when we got the most recent misery...hopefully some more coolish days and cool nights will encourage those leafy little guys??

  3. I think they are doing well (as are the hydrangeas) because they are planted on the north side of the house. It stays pretty cool and shady. I was worried, since it is such a new bed and filled with clay, that they would not do well at all. I was happily wrong thus far!