Friday, August 12, 2011

At Work On the White Garden

As I mentioned in the "Martha's 70th Birthday" post, her farm, Cantitoe Corners, is a constant source of inspiration for me. One such example is the planning of the White Garden. The first White Garden I read about (like Martha) is the famous garden at Sissinghurst Castle, designed by Vita Sackville-West in the 1930's. Then Martha mentioned hers on her blog, and later devoted an entire article on her garden in Bedford. When we began breaking sod for the new shade and "high shade" beds earlier this summer, I knew that this was my chance to plant a White Garden. We are just beginning, but as always with a new garden, I am looking forward to the future...

It all began with some spray paint. White, of course.
Then came the tilling...
and more tilling. The strip on the left side is untouched as it is not technically my parent's yard. We may talk to the neighbors, however, and just mulch the area. The White Garden joins the new Peony Border to the East.
The first thing I planted was a white 'Mount Baker' lilac.
Then the trio of white bleeding hearts bought early in the summer.
We moved the bench into it's place, though it will need to come forward several feet once things really start to grow...or maybe be taken out all together.
I have been looking for Japanese anemones for a few years, never bothering to order them from the catalogs. This year I found one white one (I'll have to get the name) as well as two other pinkish ones (that will be planted in the Shade Garden.
I need one more white astilbe (because you know I like to plant things in threes).
This white azalea is really just a gamble. I found him for $4, and decided to buy it...although we've never had much luck with azaleas. I plan on moving quite a few Lily-of-the-Valley to this corner, as well.
This white pee-gee hydrangea will fill the space behind the bench and between the two lilacs, the second of which is...
'Miss Ellen Willmott'
Someday this bench will be a place to rest amid white blooming bulbs, perennials, and shrubs of all sorts. Right now it is holding all of the amaryllis for the last month of their summer vacation (before they get locked in a closet).

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