Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bourbon Poached Peaches

The idea behind the Bourbon Pound Cake I posted about yesterday came from a simple recipe for Bourbon Poached Peaches Guy saw while flipping through my copy of the August issue of Living. I cut the recipe in half (except for the peaches, I should have used 6 rather than 4). They were a pretty nice addition to the cake and ice cream.

You can peel the peaches the same way you peel tomatoes...only leave them in a bit longer. Just slit an x in the bottom and drop them into boiling water. Test them after about a minute (tomatoes only take a matter of seconds).
Then throw them into an ice bath until they are cool enough to handle, then simply peel away the skin.
Then I sliced them up and let them stand by while I...
sliced the vanilla bean and stripped out the seeds. The bean and seeds all go into the pot.
Once the water/sugar/vanilla bean mixture is boiling, add the bourbon and the peaches.
Once the peaches are tender, remove them (I put them right into the jars) and reduce the syrup by half.
So delicious! I shoved the vanilla bean shells in as well.

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