Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bourbon Pound Cake for a Bourbon Birthday

Last Saturday, while flipping through a magazine, Guy found a recipe for Bourbon Poached Peaches. I already had some Bourbon Ice Cream in the freezer, and the peaches looked like a perfect compliment. Then, since Guy's birthday was Monday, I thought I would take things one step farther...

I found this recipe, and though it is pretty basic, there were a LOT more steps than I have ever taken to make pound cake.

First things first, beat the egg whites.
This made me want to make some meringue cookies...
The bourbon, egg yolk, and vanilla mixture.
More mixing...
Ready to start folding.
First 1/3 of the flour (I used Swan's Down cake flour).
Then half of the egg whites.
Then flour, then egg whites, then flour...folding gently the whole time.
Ready for the oven!
It took a bit longer to bake then the recipe said, but my oven is finicky. I just kept a close eye on it at the end. For some reason the top crust sort of separated from the cake and cracked on one side.
The competed Trio of Bourbonny Goodness served up at the post party at Chief and J-BROWW's. I thought it tasted pretty good, and Guy seemed happy, so I guess all those steps were worth it.


  1. Looks like a waste of perfectly good bourbon.

  2. The bourbon trio was just exceptional.