Thursday, August 11, 2011

Drying Herbs-the Super Easy Way

By this time of year any gardener that has herbs has more than they can possibly use. Such is the case with me. After dividing and planting an entire border with oregano, not to mention the three rosemary plants that need trimmed down (especially before moving inside for the winter) and the older thyme plants (that will need a haircut before being relocated to the Thyme Lawn) I needed to begin drying herbs, or let an entire Season go to waste. My sister Carrie has always dried herbs, but I have always found it to be a pain in the ass, as I never seem to have room for what I already have in my closets and cabinets, let alone a space to hang bunches of herbs. Then, while looking through for a recipe, I came across a video explaining a super simple, fool proof method...and it works!

All you need is some tulle (you know, bridal veil netting-or you can come to All Occasion Party Rental and buy a bolt, or pre-cut rounds for favors) and some twist ties (the ones no one ever uses for garbage bags work well). Oh...and some fresh herbs.
Make some nice little bundles of herbs (in this case rosemary)...
And secure them at the ends.

I also did some oregano. This was just a test, so I didn't go hog wild.

Into the back of the fridge they go! Then you forget about them for a few weeks.
I remembered them tonight after bringing home a stupid amount of groceries and trying to fit them into the fridge (that saying about never going to the grocery store hungry is true!).

Then just strip the dried leaves off of the stems...
And put into bottles or tins! Since the end of summer is when I begin replacing herbs and spices (so that I have "fresh" everything by the time baking season begins), my finding this "Good Thing" was very timely.
The oregano was soooo fragrant.
And the herbs keep their color so much better than store bought (the store bought oregano I purchased about a month ago is on the right-it NEVER was as green as what I dried in the fridge).


  1. Fantastic! Think it will work with basil? We have way more than I know what to do with and one can only make so much pesto before you just can't it take anymore. Incidentally, not sure if you heard this one, but if you freeze pesto in ice cube trays then transfer to a bag once frozen, they make nice little measured servings for future use.

  2. Not sure about drying basil...that makes me a little nervous, as I'm afraid it will turn brown. I always just make a basil/olive oil "slurry" and freeze it into logs-or ice cube trays. ;)