Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Happy 70th, Martha!

I know I've told this story before, but I'm going to tell it again...A long, long time ago, in an apartment on West Jefferson (one of those enormous apartments that cost next to nothing and no longer exist in the W.C.) I stuck some white peonies I had found into a jar. "Very 'Martha Stewart'," my dearest friend, Erin, commented upon seeing it. What? Martha who???

Of course my older sister was already a subscriber to Martha Stewart Living, and after a flip through one issue I was hooked. It all just clicked-cooking, gardening, decorating, entertaining, even cleaning! This lady was teaching me how to do everything the fastest way and with the best results. It was a Good Thing, indeed!

You (as well as all of my friends) already know how nuts I am about Martha and her company...I cannot imagine my world without the constant inspiration she and her editors and designers send my way on a daily basis...

That said, here is a bit of my M.C.D. (Martha Compulsive Disorder) in action.

I love this picture, and it hangs (rather tongue-in-cheek) in my kitchen.
Where it all began-my collection of Fireking Jadeite. I loved the hunt (and still do) finding pieces in thrift stores and antique shops. I've backed off a bit, but still pick things up when it's a good deal. When I started collecting 12 or so years ago, the pieces were still pretty moderately they cost a bit more.
The Jadeite led me to Wedgwood drabware. My collection is tiny, and I say that it is now the only thing I will buy (to try and curb my Plate Collecting Disorder)...but everyone knows that is not true.
The first major purchase I ever made (by major I mean something that cost over $100) was this spice rack from the Martha by Mail catalog. It came complete with spices (don't worry...they have all been replaced many times) and I love it as much today as I did all those years ago.
The kitchen is where a lot of the "Good Things" come into play-like my pots taking the place of curtains, and hung on a simple rod.
Of course the legendary "original" Good Thing-decanting dish soap into a glass bottle. (Martha Stewart Clean products make my life easier, as well!)
Martha first taught me about faux bois...and my small but growing collection of concrete or terracotta vessels designed to look like wood is a new interest.
Of course color is a constant inspiration, and ever since her paint was available at K-Mart I have had a paint chip board above (or near) my desk.
And the books and magazines. Some (Guy) think my keeping the magazines is ridiculous, but I promise you I still flip through them (usually pulling all of the past issues of the current month to go through) all the time.
So this post wouldn't be complete without some pics of two separate "Drive-Bys". My friend Christina's childhood home was pretty close to Turkey Hill ("where it all began") in Westport, Connecticut.
And her childhood home is even closer (20 minutes) to Martha's farm in Katonah. All the houses are quite close to the road, and run along it like a little village. This is the Summer House, where she keeps her library.
The Winter House...her primary residence.
And the little Tenant House. All are painted Bedford Gray (same color as my kitchen), and every part of this farm inspires me more and more. Just wait until I get a few acres and some may be the start of my own Omnimedia Empire!


  1. My guess: I said you'd done a Martha thing. You asked who is Martha. I said she's a woman who does stuff like that.
    I don't really remember that night, but I'm betting that's close to what happened.

    I'm glad your sister had the magazines so you could find out what she was really all about.

  2. Christina may be moving back into that childhood home... Want to come visit?

  3. Oh the spice rack....! I love Martha. Thanks for this great post!

    1. Hello, Susan! And thank you! That spice rack is one of my prize possessions!