Monday, August 1, 2011

Here Come the Tomatoes...and Okra, and Peppers, and Corn

That most wonderful time of the summer has arrived-the first ripe tomatoes! We have been enjoying the golden cherries, yellow pears, and red grapes for several weeks...but now the big guys are starting to show off. Despite this dreadful heat and complete lack of rain, all of our extra care is paying off, and I believe there should be an abondanza of tomatoes in the next week or so...

You have to pick early if Junior is coming over.
"May-toe? May-toe? May-toe?"
He eats them fast...
and is off.
I missed the okra blooms for Sunday (hopefully tomorrow I can snap a pic of one) but was very excited to see the okra pods growing quite nicely. Stewed okra and tomatoes coming soon!
 Beneath the okra I put in a row of carrots for a fall crop...the heat has started them going in no time!
We may have about 5 mini ears of corn from our tiny for each of us!
The 'Mammoth' sunflowers are setting buds at last!
They should put on quite a show where they stand across the back of the Potager. We already have plans to put an unfenced bed along the back here, where the sunflowers will be planted next year (and perhaps some they can ramble). Because there is an easement, we don't want to plant anything permanent, but at this point this is just wasted space.
All of the beans from last Tuesday's second sowing are up, too!
The tomato plants are so thick, and so tall, and the first ones ripening are down so low, that it's almost like an Easter Egg Hunt searching for them.
I believe these are some unripe 'Cherokee Purple'...I think.
More Romas. I've NEVER had Romas grow like this! There are easily 40 tomatoes on this plant!
Peppers are forming, and the plants are almost 4' tall!
Junior came back (after some time in the hose) to advise me on some drooping vines that needed staking.
He was quite right. This heirloom 'Black Prince' was looking quite lopsided!
Some deeply placed stakes and twine tied loosely around the branch remedied the situation. Now there is little fear of the branch breaking under the weight of the tomatoes.
This late planted tomato is taking to the bamboo tuteur very well...I may need to purchase a few more of these (until I make the investment and buy some giant tomato cages suggested by Margaret Roach over at A Way to Garden).
And here is what I brought home! WOO HOO!!!!

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