Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Friend Abby is Cooler Than Your Friend Abby

And not just because she gifted me this AWESOME brass tray table!!! She is cool in so many ways (and I am sure it is only a matter of time before you see how cool she is on this very blog...). Plus, she is the only person in the history of mankind that could get me out of my pajamas to go to the Rail on a "school" night. Anyhoo, back to the tray table.

Perfect! I have been wanting a brass tray table for quite some time, and was sure I would run across one at some point during a thrift store jaunt, as the ones on eBay are pricey. Alas...I was left brass tray table less. Until Wednesday, that is.

Last night I decided to see how well it would clean up, and reached for my trusted Bar Keeper's Friend. I tested the bottom first, just in case there was some awful reaction...there wasn't.

The little ridges and trim will take more time...but I am impatient.

Starting on the top.

It has an Egyptian motif.

Such lovely images, like this one that must represent Road Rage 1333 B.C.
And this one where, um, a snake is slithering between two people with kissy the guy on the left on a chamber pot?

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