Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The New Thyme "Lawn"

The Mint Patch had become severely weed filled...this is what happens when you let things go on too long. The bed had been weeded once this spring when the tulips were pushing up, and then, unfortunately, ignored.
Much better. After the soaking rain earlier in the day on Sunday, weeding was a piece of cake. I actually enjoy's a rather calm, mindless, but completely fulfilling chore.
Last week I found an almost full flat of very healthy looking English thyme plants...for only $.99 each! I filled the remaining three spaces with three sage plants for the same price. Our poor old sage plant didn't rebound after the rabbit damage of the winter, so it needed replaced.
I started placing them amongst the mint...
Such sturdy little plants. This is the best time of year to start getting the really good bargains!
All planted. Eventually they will creep and come together as a living mulch. I still may move some of the Pineapple mint that has grown forever at the edge of the patio to fill in here. It may not be a Thyme Lawn on the scale of the one at Sissinghurst, but it's a very nice addition to the Garden. (some of the Woolly thyme I planted last year survived, as well, so it will all begin to spread perhaps I should move the Lemon thyme to the "Lawn"...)


  1. The entire duration of me reading your post I had Cyndi Lauper stuck in my head...thanks.

    If I understood how to not make it anonymous, I would!

  2. "Lying in my flower bed I hear the seeds sprouting and think of you..." from Thyme After Thyme. ;)