Monday, September 12, 2011

All Potted Up with No Place to Go...Yet

While hard at work digging and dividing and planting on Sunday, I also took some time to begin the very earliest stages of winter prep...potting up the rest of the citrus, the second fig, and one of the elephant ears that will be moving inside. Now to finalize where they will be living...

I just love how nice they look in their new azalea pots. So much better than the (dangerously boggy) plastic ones.
They all seem so happy, catching the last rays of summer.
The little fig on the left also found a new home in a matching brown clay pot. Notice the almost ripe fig at the top of the little tree on the right? I really hope all of my little "grove" can hold their fruit after the move!

One guy already made the move-my Colocasia escalenta, or 'Black Magic' elephant ear. I've read many good things about growing elephant ears indoors, so I am only slightly nervous about killing them.
The leaves aren't as dark as some I've seen, but maybe as he grows they will darken. I still have to re pot the Colocasia 'Illustris', and then pull out one of the other three common Alocasia. I don't have much luck (usually) keeping tubers through the winter, so I am only going to attempt it with two of the elephant ears. I may just wait until first frost and then move the pots into the garage for some benign neglect.
As much as I hope the leaves just keep getting bigger and bigger, I'm a bit nervous the Penthouse may look like a jungle by the time Spring returns!

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