Sunday, September 11, 2011

Garden Update:More Planting In (and Around) the White Garden

The cooler temperatures are here, and the ideal time for planting perennials, shrubs, etc. is upon us. Now I know it is not yet officially Fall, but a look at the temperatures for next week have me hell bent on getting A LOT of planting, and dividing, done...and I'm not even talking about bulbs. Perennials planted in the Fall tend to do better than those planted in Spring, mainly because the soil is already warmed up, which encourages root development. The Fall planted plant also fares much better in the heat and draught of Summer because it is more established than the Spring planted perennial. The bonus to all of this is that tons of perennials are marked down considerably right now!

Today I managed to get several new plants planted, as well as transplant several more...

 I have been stockpiling clearance plants for over a month, letting them hang out in their pots in semi shade until they can get planted in the ground (except for the Elephant Ears, they will come inside).
First on my list was moving the white flowering hostas at the front end of the Hydrangea Border. They were an unexpected surprise (seriously, we have no idea where they cam from), and perfect for the White Garden.
One done...
and a second. The hosta on the left also has white blooms, but the different leaves will make for a nice contrast.
I am still so excited about how well the 'Whirlwind' Japanese anemone is doing!
The white hydrangeas are turning a mottled pink!!! They will have to be cut earlier next year because there is to be NO PINK in the White Garden!
I planted several more $1.75 Japanese painted ferns, and then remembered we used to have one somewhere else in a shade bed.
After hunting a bit I found it-buried beneath bunches of Lily-of-the-Valley.
I moved the fern and began digging up some Lily-of-the-Valley to move to the White Garden, as well. Every time I dug a plant, there were more and more roots coming up, and on every root...
...there were a couple of new growth "buds".
I soon had pile number one of roots, shoots, and plants.
These all went under the bench.

A second batch went around the azalea.
And in their place I planted one of several new columbines, as well as a struggling little Brunnera. Here's hoping!
The White Garden is full of hope, as well. I know that in three years it will be amazing...especially once I start planting bulbs (and clear the bench of the amaryllis so you can actually sit down).
I'm keeping a close watch on this heuchera 'Lime Rickey'...he is finally blooming and, I think, will be moving quite soon.


  1. What? It's planting time again!!!! Where are such bargains procured? I went to Lowes but they were pretty much down to bones...

  2. Lowes, mostly. And Meijer and Menards...Like I said, I've been snatching things up for weeks, now. Like $4 and $5 hydrangeas at the Lowes on Lima a few weeks ago.

  3. (sputtering with hydrangea envy) just have a gift Mr. Savant! Do you want any bellflowers? Blue, not white...I have muchas bambinos....

  4. Great garden you've got there!Congratulations on all that hard work!

  5. Nice garden you have there. Those japanese ferns actually look good on pots and landscape soil. Pretty much a decoration for me actually.