Monday, September 19, 2011

Johnny Appleseed Festival

This past weekend was, as many of you know, the Johnny Appleseed Festival. On Sunday afternoon, rather late, my Mom and I took a break from the gardening and headed into the chaotic festival traffic. Thankfully we were rewarded.
I haven't been to the Festival for several years, and was therefore reminded of all the reasons to go (though I have to admit we did not venture beyond the Farmer's Market and Antiques).

One stand was selling all sorts of wonderful herbs. Most of them I already have, but not the Chocolate Mint.

I loved the varieties of pumpkins and gourds, and one stand had really outdone themselves.
Warty pumpkins, and Apple gourds in the wheelbarrow.

I really wish I had the space for a pumpkin patch, they just need so much room to ramble!

We did, however, grow these Baby Boo pumpkins one year...perhaps I need to get something in the works for next summer.
There were tons of fun finds in the antique stalls. I loved this painted tin picnic "basket".

There were a LOT of kitchen items. I had my eye on a reasonably priced yellow ware bowl...but it was gone by the time I made it back around to purchase it.

I thought I had died and gone to heaven when i spied this McCoy pot. Once I saw the price tag, however, I came back down to earth. $125...and worth it, in my book (I mean, if I had that kind of scratch it would be worth it in my book). I did, however, buy a nice green glazed USA pottery bowl. It sort of made up for not being able to afford this beauty.
Once back at my parents, I quickly planted the Chocolate Mint in the Mint Patch. It really does smell like chocolate mint when you rub the leaves. I'll have to see what I can use it for...I'm thinking some sort of cocktail.
back at the Penthouse, I began unpacking. These little Sugar Baby watermelons were only 50 cents each!

The picture is fuzzy, but they are delicious!
Some Candy onions.

Fresh from the field garlic.
$1.50 worth of turnips...I believe they will be pickled.
And, of course, apples. So many kinds, I wish I would have taken pics of each kind in the bins so I could remember their names!
I quickly peeled a bunch for applesauce (just apples and a cup or so of water-so simple and great) for a recipe I want to try, as well as for eating.
Filled a few pints...

and have lots of scraps for the compost!
I also read a great little side article (either in Martha Stewart Living or Whole Living) about brewing Earl Grey tea in apple cider. I had bought some apple cider, so I tried it.
It tastes like Fall. Makes me want to start prepping the Penthouse for the change in Seasons...

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