Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Late Summer Flowers, In and Out of Arrangements

Fall may be right around the corner, but there are still plenty of blooms in the garden. The cooler temperatures actually help many plants flower a bit more profusely than the heavy heat of summer, and I've been bringing many home to the Penthouse...

These mini dahlias were nothing more than sickly clearance plants early in the summer. They have grown wonderfully, and are chock full of blooms right now.
I've said before that everything seems to have grown better than ever this year, and it holds true in the Cutting Garden. I don't remember having such wonderful zinnias in quite a few years as we are having this year. (this photo was after I had cut flowers that day...I wish I would have taken a "before" picture)
The few dahlia tubers we put in are all blooming nicely, as well, between a row of zinnias and the currant bushes.
These Mexican Sunflowers (tithonia rotundiflora) were put in quite late as we had misplaced the seeds. They are blooming, though, however short the usually tall plants may be.
The sweet autumn clematis (clematis terniflora) is always something I love to cut...clematis is always an unusual addition to arrangements, but I love them, and this variety can stand on it's own.
And of course the Limelight hydrangea is putting on a great show.
The rather alien bloom of a Hen and Chicks plant just added in the Long Border. So bizarre looking.
Once home, I busied myself with getting everything into containers. I used the newer faux bois pot, with a water-filled vase inside, as the base for the Hydrangeas.
I like the way it is looking, but needs something else.
Some dark blackish-burgundy sedum flowers look great.
Finished off with some partially dried-in-the-vase mop head hydrangeas and I have a long lasting arrangement for the dining room.
The vines of autumn clematis were put in a simple, tall vase, and the vines left to trail over the edge of the cabinet.
A great cluster of dahlias and sedum.
I was cutting back the coleus and thought (since the red is so wonderful) that I would bring the cuttings home. They look great in the bathroom, and continue to grow in water! There are twice as many blooms as in this photo.
A few stems of sedum make an easy arrangement.
And of course the zinnias-always brightening up my desk.

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