Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Missed Out on Missoni...But Shopped for Fall Anyway

Today was the launch of Missoni's collection for Target...and I was quite late to the party. The website had overloaded early on, and by the time I arrived at the brick and mortar store everything was either picked over or gone. I made a compromise on a cardigan (XL-more like a coat on me) mainly because I was afraid it may all be gone forever...although I'm sure everything will be restocked and I am worrying for nothing. After all, if there is money to be made, they'll make it. Right?

After leaving Target (and taking a disappointing trip to Lowes) I headed to a couple of Goodwill stores and made out like a bandit! I don't know if it was a morning spent watching video and reading articles on Daphne Guinness or what, but I had clothes on the mind, and it's always better to spend less on more (although I am not about to pretend I have anything close to the style needed to be a part of Daphne's world).

Horrors! I'm sure this is where all of the pillows I was NOT going to buy were located.
So I went to Goodwill. I am mad for plaid-especially preppy plaid from Ralph Lauren...
and Brooks Brothers...
...and J Crew! Oh my!
Then I remembered my oh-so Missoni-like scarf bought YEARS ago in Chicago at Christmastime. Who needs Target? It's my favorite. (See how I was channeling Daphne-a cup of tea on the bed next to the Louis Vuitton cigarette case turned camera case! Oh, so chic!)
I also found this semi Missoni-like cardigan at Salvation Army several weeks ago.
And the real thing. This is the cardigan I bought today. I REALLY wanted the black one with the white zigzag, but am hoping (fingers crossed) that I can find it in my size later. Somewhere...
And staying true to the rule-for every shirt that goes in the cupboard (I mean closet, sorry, Daphne again) one must come out. I did a bit more than necessary to make up for the jumpers (I mean sweaters) I brought home. So despite the heartbreak over missing out on Missoni, it was still a pretty good day.

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