Wednesday, September 14, 2011

More Thrift Store Finds

I've been hitting the thrift stores quite hard the past month or two, especially the ones I rarely go to (such as the Goodwill on Coliseum). Happily, I've been having some pretty awesome results. Take a look...

This 50 cent brown earthenware bowl has already become quite useful in the kitchen.
I don't collect lusterware (much) but this shell dish was in such perfect condition, I couldn't resist.
An old, throwaway pottery piece works great as a catch-all on my desk.
I absolutely love this metal faux bois file box. It will look much better than the bulky, ugly black plastic one I currently use. It put me out $3.
And of course I bought dishes (oops!)...starting with these Martha Stewart Everyday (back when Martha was still at K-Mart) Christmas plates. Two have chips, but they were only 75 cents for the salad plates, and 95 cents for the dinner plates.
I had been driving by this jadeite that was prominently displayed in a Wells Street shop window every day, twice. It was taunting me! It is only reproduction, but was only $35 for the lot. Not too shabby, even for reproduction. I believe my collection of jadeite may play a more prominent role in Christmas decorating this year...


  1. Cool finds! We've been doing the same. Will need to post pics sometime soon. It is so feeling like fall here. Makes me wistful for summer, though I must admit I love crunchy leaves, fires and hot drinks! :)

  2. Jennifer-couldn't agree more, although I am dreading the "move" for all the tropicals and citrus trees. Let me know if a neighboring property goes on the market-we can build a greenhouse where out farms meet! ;) Don't be jealous!!! I had gone for so long without thrifting because it seemed like everything has dried up-maybe you could swing by one after one of your South Side Farmers Market trips (because I am JEALOUS that you have Saturdays off and get to go!)