Monday, September 26, 2011

My New "Library"

Once again, the prospect of overwintering my citrus collection has caused me quite a bit of worry...where on earth could I put them all? They were in the dining room last year, but there are so many more this year that it was no longer an option-at least not if the dining room remained the way it was. Perhaps I could move the books and free up some floor space...

Enter some unused, left behind, rather rough and simple shelves. They had been left when a neighboring business at work shut it's doors, and I have had them in mind for quite a while (I thought one or two of them may make a wonderful "display" case for china). They are nothing fancy, but somehow their symmetry, oddly spaced shelves (spaced a mere 8" to hold shoe boxes), and altogether unremarkableness (I know that is not a word) make them, in my eyes, extremely chic.

The dining room is far from ready for it's close-up, but my new Bedroom is, and (despite it being poor Feng Shui...which I do not follow) I LOVE it.

I especially love walking by and glancing into the room.
Big Chad helped me move these monsters up to the Penthouse...and boy was it a chore. I thought only two would fit, but I brought up three. Thank God the tops were separate and attached in place.

I was extremely happy when I found that all three fit.
I had begun moving a few things the first night, then went to bed. And before you worry, these guys are heavy and secure...they shouldn't be falling anytime soon (and if they do, there is something worse going on to make it happen).
Ta da! Finis...almost. There is a mess in the corner that needs put away that you will not see. The corner cupboard and drawers still open wide enough to use.
I may have lost 11" from my room, but I've been able to simplify the space. Only a dresser, two nightstands, and the bed. What else do you need?
I love this new lamp I found at Target, and think I will be replacing the big bell-shaded lamp soon (the dining room needs more light, right?) and have matching bedroom lamps for the first time in my life.
The added bonus is the storage for spare blankets, sheets, and pillows. Tucked behind the bed and European pillows, they are out of site and free up valuable closet space.

Room for milk glass and's sort of a curio cabinet approach to bookshelves (my Tin Caps opening game ball, some little mercury glass deer, paperweights from my Grandma-you get the picture).

Plus there is TONS of room to grow (as well as a fourth set of shelves that may go into storage somewhere for future use). Now on to the dining room...


  1. I like the way you placed the bookshelves! I have books and now that I place to put them. This gives me a new idea. Thank you! :)

  2. Oh I love it! Good choice on where to put them. They look so great.

  3. oh i love love love this! it feels sort of Professor Higgin's-ish and very English!!!! now i will just sit around...and wait...for my invite....yep, just waiting....

  4. Thanks everyone (and you're welcome, Anonymous)! Tara, I know...working on the mess. Let me just get my plants home and then you are invited.