Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Nursery for Lord (or Lady) Hockaday

Sorry for the lack of posts, everyone, but it has been a busy, busy, busy week, and an even busier Holiday weekend (spent laboring on Labor a Day). Anyhoo...let's get back to the blog!

A week ago Tuesday I had the pleasure to visit my dear old friends the Duke and Duchess of Hockaday. The Duchess had asked me to come over to help them decorate the nursery for the future heir, although Her Grace really had everything under control. She has the most impeccable taste, and I love everything they have picked out. It's a wonderful room the baby can grow into (not all "goo goo gah gah baby baby" like some nurseries I've seen). Have a look at everything all together!

Such a cute room! The bedding is from Eddie Bauer, and the framed pictures on the wall (or similar ones) can be found here. The large tree decal was something the Duke really wanted, and kept talking about non stop until the Duchess exclaimed "ALRIGHT! WE'LL GET ONE...darling." She's so lovely.
The dresser turned changing table...another great way for children to "grow into" their furniture.
A continuation of the "Enchanted Hollows" (not "Holler") theme of the nursery.
Oh...the rug. His Grace the Duke and I moved this rocker 76 times, and the rug 75 times, until the Duchess was at last pleased. I have been assured that it will NEVER BE MOVED again.

A cozy corner for rocking and reading (and nursing...but I don't want to discuss that).
A wonderful mobile our mutual friend (and the reason for my friendship with the Duke and Duchess) Erin gave them for the new Lord or Lady. She had no idea what the theme of the room was, but some things just fall into place so perfectly you cannot believe it wasn't meant to be!

I love these critters hanging out on the shelf.
We don't know if there will be a Lord or Lady Hockaday, but from the size of the Duchess we should know soon (or sometime in early October). I can't wait to meet the little heir of Hockaday, and see how wonderfully Their Graces raise this little aristocrat!