Friday, September 16, 2011

See You In 8 Weeks!!! (No, Not Me...the Amaryllis)

The frost scare last night has caused me to go into Winter Prep overdrive. It will only be a few more weeks before all of the semi and true tropicals will need to come inside, or forced into dormancy. Sheets were thrown over the citrus and amaryllis last night, however, "just in case", and one more Colocasia was potted up and brought home (actually there were two potted up, as one of the little "pups" fell off during transplant and found himself in a brand new home-out on his own). But back to the amaryllis...

They really did have a great summer, growing tall and strong (and one even multiplied).

First load moved into a cabinet in the garage.

And a second load. Now we withhold water for the next 8 weeks or so, and let the leaves send energy back to the bulb. When we take them out we will top off the soil and water once, placing them in a bright spot (and removing the dried leaves). Let it be until it decides it wants to grow, and DO NOT water anymore until new shoots begin to appear. Wait a few weeks or a month before trying again if no new shoots appear. After they appear, begin to water regularly.

Here's hoping! See you guys soon!

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