Sunday, October 9, 2011

Busy Weekend of Work (and Day Trip Inspirations)

I am beginning to really be grateful for my iPhone...the pictures may not always be wonderful, but I am able to document what I'm doing a bit better. Anyway, this was a ridiculously busy weekend at work (and I really only had to take the brunt of it on Saturday...everyone else had a few more days of it). First we had a quick set up to finish for the Peabody Retirement Home in North Manchester. Then it was off to set up...and work until 11ish, at the VIP grand opening of Parkview Whitley Hospital. 

I must say, I never expected North Manchester to be so, well, cute! Perhaps I should say "charming", rather than "cute", as "cute" sounds a bit patronizing to me. We drove through Pierceton, Indiana (another charming town that is full of antique stores, and is right down the road from Winona Lake), and drove, and drove, and, yes, drove, until we reached North Manchester. The neighborhood we were heading toward was lovely, with many restored Victorian (and older) homes along the leafy streets. During the fleeting drive out of town, I noticed several other places I would like to explore on a return trip (which my friend Whit already told me she is game for). Anyway...on to the work.

The Peabody Retirement Home was celebrating it's 80th birthday, so the guys at work set-up some tents.

And I put together some centerpieces, guerrilla style, out of the back of the van while Kelli began placing the linens.

They turned out nice and simple.

This is a rather impressive tower built in the forecourt of the retirement home. All it says is "Peabody Memorial Tower dedicated in 1937". The plaque also says it is on the National Register of Historic Places...but that's it. I did some digging and found this article (if you care to read more).

From North Manchester we headed back to the sparklingly new Parkview Whitley. This is the shot of the main lobby.

Downstairs we began setting up all of the food stations (done by Parkview Catering-the food was delicious).

A warehouse-turned-party room. It's always amazing what some drapes and linens can do to a space.

Kelli and I had to bar tend...and sort of do whatever else needed to be done. I was rather proud of myself, as I had never actually set-up a bar before. Thank God it was only beer and wine. The night went pretty fast after the guests arrived, and 16 hours after I went to work, I was in bed.

I really should have thought a little more about asking my dad to get a yard of dirt (the same we used in the garden addition) the day after such a busy day, but I didn't. This yard needed to be moved...

and it was. Mostly to a big pile in the middle of the shade bed annex. I also managed to top-dress 3 perennial beds, as well as do a little planting...all of which will be in a future post. But now I'm tired, and less than motivated to edit those pictures. Sorry.

Oh, and I almost forgot! The Citrus Collection continues to move "home", as well. Their new (old) shelves should be ready by Tuesday, I hope, and everyone home safe and sound by the end of the week (because really, this weather cannot last).

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  1. 16 hour day - geez - that's craziness! Hoping you get to rest on your day off tomorrow. Looking forward to more day tripping...